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Oct 21

Aluminum foil provides a complete barrier to light, oxygen, moisture and bacteria #DYK

Oct 18

Aluminum cans contain on average 70% recycled content. That’s more than 3X the amount in a glass or plastic bottle!! #funfact

Oct 14

Watch for the safety of others at work #NotOnMyWatch

Oct 13

RT @AluminumNews: Our CEO @HeidiBiggsBrock talks #sustainability at today’s @ShopFloorNAM Leading Edge Exec Forum

Pound for pound, aluminum absorbs twice the crash energy of steel and performs as well in an accident #DYK #funfact

Oct 12

The Aluminum Association Releases New Green Building Guidelines : Aluminium Insider via @InsideAluminium

Oct 11

Aleris Lewisport attended the @RoseHulman Fall Career Fair inspiring students to learn how they too can reach Alumi…

Oct 10

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out” -Robert Collier #mondaymotivation

RT @Arpan_Dhali: Luggage company #Rimowa recreates first all-metal passenger plane in #aluminium
@Alcircle @RIMOWA

RT @AluminumNews: Have you downloaded the latest Green Building Guidelines yet?