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Creative Solutions with Aleris Anodized Aluminum

A building is in many ways a work of art and an original and imaginative façade or wall cladding can give it real character and originality. Aluminum is the ideal choice for creative and functional architecture. Because of its distinct properties, it can be shaped to custom designs of long-lasting durability. Better still, aluminum can be recycled repeatedly without any loss of quality, making it a prime choice for sustainable and “green” construction. And it doesn’t burn, so it conforms to the Euroclass A1 fire standard.

Colors & Surfaces

The special surface and deformation qualities of aluminum allow it to be creatively shaped to your design. Its facility for bending, perforating, punching and expanding has naturally made it the modern material of choice for creative wall cladding.  In combination with either natural or color anodizing, it creates a unique look-of-the-building envelope.

This can give you inspiration for more creative architecture!

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Creative Architecture with Aleris Aluminum

Aleris’ aluminum rolling mill at Duffel (Belgium) produces a. o. several alloys suitable for anodizing, optimized for their architectural end-use. These anodizing qualities are at best used for exterior façades, roofs, balconies, sun ventilation screens and interior ceilings, pillars, or wall cladding and escalator casing.

After natural or color anodizing the aluminum substrate is weather, corrosion and UV-resistant but keeps the authentic metallic gloss as well as the durability inherent to aluminum.

To fulfill contemporary demand for critical applications Aleris developed a premium alloy: 55HX®. This alloy – which offers guaranteed color and gloss uniformity and a unique look between production batches – is the state-of-the-art material for architectural applications. 55HX® conforms to the NFPA 285 fire standard.


The special qualities of aluminum allow it to be creatively shaped to your design. Its facility for bending, perforating, punching and expanding has naturally made it the modern  material of choice for creative wall cladding.

Aluminum has a long useful life and afterwards can be recycled endlessly without any loss of quality. They also underpin the drive for sustainability and “green” construction.

And don’t forget its functional features. Aluminum is both light and strong. After anodizing it is resistant to corrosion, scratch and UV radiation. And it doesn’t burn – it conforms to the Euroclass A1 fire standard. Aleris 55HX®, designed for architectural applications, additionally meets the NFPA 285 standard.

  • Aluminum – A building material for future generations.
  • Unlimited creative potential compared to other metals
  • Good strength / weight ratio (light density: 2.7kg/dm3)
  • Excellent bending and deformation properties (modulus of elasticity: 70GPa)
  • Non-toxic
  • 100% recyclable
  • Abundant presence on earth
  • Non-combustible (European Fire Class A1)

The anodizing process consists of creating a pure and protective layer of aluminum oxide on the surface of the metal substrate. After anodizing, the aluminum coil/sheet has a superior UV, scratch and corrosion resistance while keeping its natural metallic look.

This is the reason why anodized aluminum is extensively used in exterior building applications.

The special qualities of aluminum allow it to be creatively shaped to your design. Its facility for bending, perforating, punching, deep-drawing, and expanding has naturally made it the modern material of choice for creative wall cladding. In combination with either natural or color anodizing it creates a unique look of the building façade.

Typical Applications:

  • Façades and wall cladding
  • Ceiling panels
  • Balcony balustrades
  • Interior design
  • Noise protection
  • Sun shades and screens

Anodizing is probably the best existing treatment for aluminum used in architectural applications. An anodic film, realized in good conditions, if properly maintained, has a proven service life of in excess of 30 years.

It is recommended to have a cleaning frequency of minimum once a year; due to specific local conditions this frequency can be increased.

The regular cleaning consists of a simple washing with water added with a neutral soft detergent (*) followed by a rinsing with plain water and wiping dry with a soft and absorbing cloth.

To remove a higher degree of soiling, a stiff bristle or nylon brush may be used. The use of aggressive products such as washing powder, dishwasher detergent, strong acids or and strong alkaline products should be avoided. Any contact with strongly abrasive agents such as sand, steel wool or, glass paper will carry a strong risk of surface damage.

*If anodizing is done properly, the aluminum oxide on the surface will be perfectly stable in a pH range between 5 and 8 ; so cleaning solutions should have a pH figure in this range.

Aluminum is Part of the Solution for Reducing Greenhouse Gases and Energy Consumption

Aluminum is a miracle material:

  • It is Infinitely recyclable
  • 75% remains in use
  • Aluminum produced from scrap uses only 5% of the energy compared with primary production (Source: Aluminum Association)

Aluminum is a building material for future generations:

  • It contributes to sustainable buildings
  • It does NOT burn (European Fire Class A1)
  • It is neutral and has NO negative impact on air quality, soil, surface and ground water. It is not hazardous to neither the occupants or the surroundings.
  • It saves energy: through insulation in the heating season and shades in cooling season.
  • Aluminum building products are highly durable and contribute to LEED and BREEAM certification.
  • The cradle-to-cradle lifecycle is infinite
  • Aluminum scrap can be 100% recycled without any loss of value or properties.
  • >92% of aluminum products are collected after demolition.


Aleris has developed an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for anodized coil and sheet (together with the European Aluminum Association).

EPD_Aleris_Anodised coil and sheet_0.5 mm
EPD_Aleris_Anodised coil and sheet_0.7-1 mm
EPD_Aleris_Anodised coil and sheet_1.5-3 mm

Aluminum conforms to the European Class A1 fire standard.

In addition, Aleris together with external partners has submitted an actual building system including 55HX® for a fire test.  This fire test was successfully performed by Thomas-Bell-Wright, and 55HX® is now the unique plain aluminum that conforms with the stringent NFPA 285 standard.


Aleris offers a variety of different resources to provide more information about our aluminum rolled products. Please select the type of literature you’re interested in.
55HX® Aluminum Architectural Solutions Reference Book

55HX® Aluminum Architectural Solutions Reference Book

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55HX® applications (German)

55HX® applications (German)

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