In New York City, Moncler welcomes customers with a work of art made in aluminum

Entering the Moncler store located on Madison Avenue in New York City (pictured below) is more than a simple shopping experience. Luxury and fine craftsmanship define clothing brand Moncler, two values reflected by the impressive store’s interior design… Welcoming visitors in a kinetic light sculpture in aluminum.

An everyday material with unique qualities

Aluminum is widely used throughout the world in external architectural applications. Being light, durable and safe, aluminum 55HX® has proven to be a material of choice in many recent projects. Yet, aluminum can perfectly meet the needs of internal design. The story of the Solaris installation, created by artist Bardula for Moncler, illustrates this fully.

‘Solaris’ is a symmetrical installation made of 24 golden metal blades, 4-meter tall each, facing each other. When they step into the entrance of the store, visitors immerse themselves in a light experience. They have the impression of traveling into the solar system.


Many challenges, one solution

The project was technically complex. Bardula had imagined successive layers of gold and LED light to produce a movement following the viewer inside the store. To obtain the right result, it was important to find the right metal in the right color. Metal specialist and art restorer Michel Delarasse helped Bardula source the ideal product:

“It can be quite difficult to find the suppliers and right material for this type of small-scale but challenging projects. Both Aleris, by recommending the 55HX® aluminum, and Francano, responsible for the anodization, helped us realizing our ideas and obtaining the result we wanted”, says Michel Delarasse. 

For Thierry Le Lay, Account Manager of Aleris Aluminum France, this collaboration was an opportunity to showcase the versatility of 55HX® “Until now, most of our clients have used 55HX® for façades and wall-cladding in architecture outdoor designs, but in Bardula’s original installation the creative potential of aluminum was totally unlocked.”


Aluminum favored over brass

The artist was initially planning to use brass. Discussions between suppliers, M. Delarasse and Bardula, finally led to the choice of aluminum. Here is why:

“Using brass would have been costly given the format of the metal blades: instead of 5 tons of brass, we only needed 1.5 ton of aluminum. Besides, we had to find the right color to fit with the sophisticated system of LED lights conceived by Bardula. The gold anodized aluminum we selected produces a fantastic result. It is very subtle and in line with the original design”, says Michel Delarasse.

In the entry experience of the Moncler flagship store, 55HX® unveils its full potential in architecture and design. While color uniformity was decisive in Solaris, there are several other reasons to consider it for external and internal applications.


And it does not end in New York City…

Initiated for the Moncler store in New York City, the adventure continues for the partners involved. Michel Delarasse works with aluminum 55HX® for a new installation by Bardula, this time, for the Moncler store in Stockholm. Similar projects are also planned in Moscow and once more in New York City.

In need of inspiration for your next building project? Consult our website and download our 55HX® reference book to find out more on aluminum in architectural applications.