Aleris Supplies Mercedes

Aleris is proud to have been given the opportunity to supply Mercedes-Benz with aluminum sheet materials for the new C-Class, an achievement that the company earned over many years of contributing to the famous Mercedes quality.  For this project, the cooperation started with supplies shipped to Mercedes-Benz’s South-African manufacturing site in East London and was expanded to include sites in Europe and North America.  While interior body parts are made mainly of 5000 series alloys, high surface quality Aleris Superlite® 200 is used for visible outer skin as well as doors and closures.  The majority of the aluminum used is sourced at Aleris, with the bulk of the material currently coming from the Aleris plant in Duffel, Belgium.

Weight is a major factor influencing gasoline consumption, and thus, emissions of vehicles around the world; Mercedes is no exception as they have begun using new lightweight hybrid body structure, combining different materials such as steel and aluminum.  In the case of the new C-Class, the advantage offered by the new material is paying off.  Compared to a previous all-steel auto body design, the new body structure alone is roughly 70 kg leaner than its predecessor, which when combined with additional measures, results in an overall 100 kg drop in vehicle weight.  The reward is evident particularly in the vehicle’s fuel consumption, which drops by up to 20% without compromising vehicle performance. And of course, any decrease in fuel consumption translates into fewer pollutants being emitted, a topic that will play an increasingly important role in the future.