Aleris 55HX Supports “Ship-to-School” Concept in Le Havre

The École Maritime of Le Havre stands proudly along the water in a city where maritime trade has always been a major economic activity. Its ship-like look, sober and elegant, was obtained thanks to the unique properties of Aleris 55 HX® aluminum.

A building, a school and a ship 
The École Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM) trains future officers in the French navy. To integrate this mission into their design, the architects have developed the concept of “ship-in-school”. They wanted to give the home of ENSM not only the look but also the internal organization of a real ship, by including similar techniques, materials and volumes found on a vessel.

Turning an ambitious design into reality
To bring to mind the image of a ship on high seas, the façade of the 10,000 m2 building was designed with a metal structure, intended to provide protection against sunlight. Since ENSM is positioned parallel to the quay, near water, the material had to be highly resistant to corrosion. Anodized aluminum, a strong and durable material, appeared a natural choice for this project. In addition, the color of the façade was chosen to imitate the austere style of a ship.

All these conditions made façade specialist Alupic select Aleris aluminum 55HX®, which, in addition to meeting the most stringent requirements, also offers multiple color options. This choice was further justified when Alupic received the material:

“Our role within this project consisted in cutting and bending the provided material, which was already anodized and perforated at more than 50%, in order to transform it, as per the architects’ design”, explains Alupic.

Aleris 55HX®: functional and aesthetic
Aleris responded fully to the technical requirements of the project by providing 55HX® aluminum strip and coils in 2mm thickness. The material underwent further processing with perforation up to 53%, anodizing in bronze 60 and 85, cut to length and bending.

The location of the ENSM, close to the shore, required a corrosion resistant material, which made Aleris 55HX® the perfect solution: it is indeed the ideal alloy for external use in architectural applications such as cladding, walls, ceilings and roof construction. Discover the many reasons to select 55HX® for your future projects.

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