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Jun 13

Top leaders and safety managers from around the world gathered in Ohio to continue improving safety! #NotonMyWatch

May 29

Safety is our #1 priority everywhere around the world

May 27

Global team engages in 26 additional continuous improvement projects throughout our company.

May 25

Global team begins work on Black Belt status that will deliver an additional 26 improvement projects!

May 24

The safety of our people is our #1 priority

May 23

Global group begins 26 improvement projects en route to Black Belt status within our company #leadership

May 22

RT Lauren Wilk @_laurenwilk: Glad to join @Aluminium_S_I AGM this week to discuss sustainability & stewardship in the aluminum value chain. ASI…

May 21

RT ASI @Aluminium_S_I: ASI Directors at the AGM in Mandurah take time for a photo shoot during a busy day of decision making on future pri…

May 20

Halo lighting on mobile equipment is one way we are taking a #safety focus to the next level in plants

May 18

Halo lighting on mobile equipment in plants is adding to #safety