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Aluminum.  It’s everywhere.  Our job at Aleris is making aluminum that works in virtually any application, anywhere in the world.  In cars, airplanes, trucks, trains, boats, buildings, containers, industrial products and more.  

What we produce at Aleris doesn’t always look like those things that you see every day.  What comes out of our manufacturing and recycling operations is molten aluminum that is about 1300 degrees Fahrenheit, or a coil of aluminum sheet, aluminum plate, or aluminum rods, bars or billets that are made to customer specifications.

What excites us is the fact that our products enable our customers to design and create all kinds of things.  Things that promote sustainability.  Things that make life better. 

We think that’s a wonderful thing.

Aleris makes products in the following general categories:

Rolled and Extruded Aluminum Products

  • Direct-chill and continuous-cast coil – mill finish or coated
  • Plate (Alustar®)
  • Extrusions
  • Foil
  • Tread (Super Brite®)
  • Building products (ALSCO®, BUG™), including soffit, fascia, trim, siding and gutter systems

Recycled Products

  • A wide variety of alloys (Alustar®, Giantal™, Weldural™, Hokotol™), including alloys produced to customer specifications
  • Recycled aluminum in ingot, sow or molten form
  • Recycled magnesium
  • Aluminum deoxidizers in a variety of shapes

Non-Aluminum Products

  • ETS Schaefer ceramic fiber products (K-Lite™, Endoflex Mat™, Monster Module™, Monster Lock ™, Perm+A+Lining®, RENEW™ program)

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